About Us

CAL Pvt Ltd is a progressive ISO22000 certified food company which has a far sighted and extraordinary approach in the dehydration business. We have been operating the food dehydration business from the last several years and are one of the leading names in Pakistan.

We have our in house state of the art laboratory which is operated by the keen and vigilant technologists and skilled staff headed by MSC food science expert. Our staff is equipped with best equipment and testing facility which ensure the high quality products of our company. We use the SS 304 food grade machinery to avoid metal contamination. CAL produces the international system of quality and ensure the best products.

CAL is running under the Professional management. Leading the company with passion and dedication with the vision to provide excellent consist quality and also ensure the care for environment and people both. Costumers satisfaction, innovation and commitment are one of the major missions.

Our major products include Dhy. Garlic , Ginger, Dhy. Onion , Dhy. Carrot, Dhy. Fenugreek leaves, Dhy. Cabbage, Dhy. Leeks, Dhy. Mint, Dhy green chilli, Dhy. Tomato, Dhy. Potato starch

We are the one holding ISO production hall. Our production hall is free from all kind of micro organism. We are so dedicated to provide the best quality and standard products that we encourage and imply the minimum human touch.

After running our business from the past several years we can undoubtedly say that we are the pioneers in the food dehydration business.